December 27, 2013

The Last Time I Will Buy A Gateway Computer!

I really thought it would be great to get a new computer for Christmas. So I ordered a new Gateway One Zx6890, here is a pic:
So because of all of the business of Christmas I waited until thursday, the day after Christmas to set it up. Opened the box, pulled out the computer itself and began unpacking the rest of the stuff in there.The mouse, the keyboard and kept looking for the rest of the stuff, hmmm where is the Windows 8 disk? Where is the recovery disk? A mouse that has a line and plug? Not wireless? The keyboard that has a line and plug? Your kidding right? This is suppose to be the top of the line for Gateway and the price reflected it, but yet I got the cheapest accessories possible! So I go past that, I'll use my old ones. No problem. Got the computer all plugged in and set up and left it for awhile and had dinner and went to bed. Got up to use it and HEY! GUESS WHAT?!!! I've got a blue screen with error messages all over it!! What the hell is that about? So I'm trying to track down what all the damn error messages are for, and guess what? I can't do a system restore! It won't let me! I try to go into the BIOS to start up from the Windows Manager and guess what? It tells me I have no Windows in my C Drive? So where the hell is my Windows 8? Oh I found it! In D drive and I'm now in Z drive! How the hell did that happen? so I try to use a command prompt to go to D drive and restart it from there, nope. Won't let me access it. So I am really not kidding, because by now I'm so pissed off I could have punched someone in the face! Calm down, calm down. Hey call Gateway and get tech help, cool! Punching numbers in, english? yes damnit I speak english. My problem? Tech, yeah, pushed that button. On hold....holding....holding...., Yes I was on hold for 37 MINUTES!!!!!! Finally I get a representative of Gateway, what? I don't understand you, yes I pushed the button for English, your not English bitch, you are undoubtedly Indian or something because I can't understand a damn word your saying. You want to do a hard boot? yes I did that. F8 enter, F10 enter. Yes I did that! What do I need to do? I need to send it to a service center? Are you fucking kidding me? OH and I have to pay the SHIPPING? Come here bitch, cause I'm gonna slap you right through this damn phone!!! Let me talk to your supervisor! I gotta call back in 2 hours because there isn't one available? and if I don't want to send my computer (which is all of 24 hours old!) I can BUY a recovery disk? Let me tell, my stress level and anger are so high right now I can hardly stand it! Never ever buy a computer from GATEWAY! Prices are higher, customer reps are not knowledgeable. You will never ever get a Windows disc or a recovery disc, prepare to pay more if you do! The accessories are the cheapest you will find and all in all this is the WORST possible buy that I have ever, ever made! You will get nothing but frustration and more costs! Gateway You and Your Reps and Products totally suck!

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